Communicating With Authenticity and Care

April 2023
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Recently, companies have put so much focus on the employee experience — ensuring that employees feel seen, feel heard, are engaged with their teams, can bring their whole selves to work — and rightfully so. We’ve collectively made a lot of progress on that front since remote and hybrid work became the norm.

However, with difficult employment decisions looming in the face of an uncertain market, maintaining an employee experience characterized by care and authenticity can be a challenge, especially when it comes to parting ways with those same employees.  

We’ve all seen the stories online and in the media of the callous ways brands have laid off large portions of their workforces — a mass email telling folks they’ve been separated, a Zoom call where an unfeeling spokesperson delivers the news or cutting off employees’ access before an actual human contacts them.

I doubt anyone believes that this is the best way to treat people. So why do it that way? Because that’s how things have always been done? Because there are too many employees to reach out to them individually? Because there isn’t any time to do it another way? 
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