Continuing to Grow in Our Careers

September 2022
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Thanks to the rabbit hole that is the internet, you’ll never have a shortage of inspiration when it comes to learning. Just Google “quotes about learning” and you’ll discover that learning “only stops at death” and “keeps you young.”

As trite as some of these sayings may seem, I’m afraid to report that they are actually true, especially in terms of a career in communications. At every stage, there’s a new topic to learn, a new subject to master. That means we vacillate between student and teacher multiple times as we grow as communicators, and it’s important that we embrace both roles.

Our journeys start with a narrow focus that quickly widens as we mature and progress in the profession. But think back to the many steps you’ve made in your own career. How many of them did you take completely on your own and how many were made with a little help?

Having a mentor, guide or adviser can make the difference between a fulfilling career journey and a frustrating one. We all needed one, and I’d be willing to bet there are already people looking at you to fill the same role.

If we’re going to consider ourselves leaders in the profession, then it’s our duty to shepherd young talent through the same lessons that helped shape us so we could earn that designation. 

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