Creating Authentic Social and Environmental Commitments

October 2022
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It is no longer acceptable for organizations to just turn a profit. The pressure is rising to take a stand and demonstrate action around social justice, environmental concerns and responsible operations. 

According to 360 Market Reach, 64% of consumers feel a brand’s social responsibility efforts are important to them and 50% of consumers believe brands should promote the issues they value on their social platforms. For millennial and Gen Z consumers, those numbers rise to 67% and 65%, respectively. Business leaders can benefit from articulating how they use their resources and impact to create a better world.  

At the same time, accusations of greenwashing are on the rise. It’s easy to feel trapped by the need to show progress without it feeling flimsy or lacking credibility.

But how do you begin creating, activating and communicating unique social, environmental and community commitments that are authentic to your organization’s culture and operations?

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