New Ideas for Old Meetings and Gatherings

January 2023
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As PR pros and communications leaders know, we operate in business environments that face constant uncertainty and disruption. And as the pace of change accelerates, attention spans continue to shrink. Time is harder to come by. We’re being asked to absorb more information and more technologies, faster than ever. 

As a futurist and keynote speaker, it’s become clear to me that the same principles of learning we use as presenters onstage can also help fast-track forms of learning that help audiences understand business trends, innovations and concepts. These learning exercises can improve how we teach, train and communicate with working professionals about emerging business topics and technologies. 

PR departments and firms are discovering that meeting and event formats are venues that can also be rethought. In this article, you’ll find ideas on how to mix up typical content and programming formats that can help you better connect with audiences and facilitate faster learning and retention this coming year. 

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