PRSA Member Exclusive: Melissa Vela-Williamson, APR, on the Power of Real Talk

April 2023
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Melissa Vela-Williamson, APR, was the April guest for Strategies & Tactics Live, PRSA’s monthly webinar series on LinkedIn. She is a columnist for Strategies & Tactics as well as the author of the recently published book, “Smart Talk: Public Relations Essentials All Pros Should Know.”

During the 30-minute livestream, Vela-Williamson, chief communication architect and founder of MVW Communications in San Antonio, Texas, discussed the importance of curating your PR education and building a network to help advance your career.

After the session, which you can view here, she joined Editor-in-Chief John Elsasser and host of S&T Live for a further conversation exclusively for PRSA members.

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April S&T Live

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