PRSSA Members Help #FlattenTheCurve

May 2020
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This spring, PRSSA launched a social media campaign to help raise student awareness about the importance of practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Using #FlattentheCurve on Instagram and Twitter posts, students share why they are practicing social distancing, highlighting loved ones who may be most at risk if they should contract the virus.

The campaign began at the University of Colorado in late March.

“We all know someone vulnerable to getting COVID-19, and uniting as students to spread this message will make our collective voice greater,” said Anna Ritz, president of
the school’s PRSSA Chapter. “We all have a part to play in combating the spread of this disease.”

In an early post, Ritz shared a photo of herself with her grandfather on Instagram. “I may not show symptoms or get sick,” she wrote, “but that doesn’t mean he won’t get sick.”

PRSSA National soon became involved to help amplify the program to its nearly 10,000 members nationwide. Students are also discussing how they are managing life and school activities while sheltering in place.

“I am proud of how positive our students remain,” Nick Goebel, PRSSA’s president, told us. “Everywhere you look, you see doom and gloom. But with the messaging from our students, I see more positive realities. Everyone has a smile as they use their laptops and work on assignments.”

The hashtag arrived at a time when news footage showed college students on spring break in Florida with a party-first mentality and ignoring warnings about the health crisis. (The young man who famously said, “If I get corona, I get corona,” later posted an apology on his Instagram account.)

“I am impressed with our students who have joined our campaign,” Goebel said. “Everyone is working diligently to finish their semesters and stay safe. There is no doubt that our students are working to improve the health of everyone around them.”

Providing Updated Resources

PRSA continues to provide resources — from webinars to crisis-related articles — to assist you during the COVID-19 crisis. Visit the PRSA website for the latest.

We’re also adding blog posts to PRsay, which serves as an extension of Strategies & Tactics. Recent headlines include:

• “Pitching Travel Media Amid COVID-19 Shutdown

• “You’ve Got This: The Greatest Work Challenge You May Ever Face

• “New Research Indicates a Positive Impact on Employee Engagement During COVID-19 Crisis

Also, be sure to visit MyPRSA and join other members as they share ideas and best practices in real-time.

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Meanwhile, please continue to be well and stay safe.

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