Show Up for Yourself When No One Is Watching

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The legacy of winning a significant PR award like a Bronze or Silver Anvil isn’t just in the quantifiable metrics. Or the headlines. Or the executive kudos. 

It’s the planning. The last-minute changes. The managing of egos. The delay. The acceleration. The blood, sweat and tears.

These are often the aspects of the process most people forget about. 

People don’t talk about it at the award ceremony. Or in the celebratory social media post. But it’s what you remember most when you hold the award. 

And that’s the same when it comes to changes to our well-being. In my case, that was my 150-pound weight-loss journey that started on a dark Friday night in December 2007.

The changes were one at a time. It was shifting breakfast options. Exercising a few more times weekly and not eating so late at night.

But no one was watching to help monitor me. No one was waking me up at 5 a.m. to work out. No one was telling me to swap sugary mochas for green tea. I was on my own.

But that’s what I remember most about the journey. Not the compliments. Not the photos afterward. But the journey.

Begin the journey

And that’s what I want you to think about as we head into the holiday season. Start the journey now. Not Monday. Not Jan. 1. Today. Because I am Exhibit A that any positive change to your well-being is an extraordinary journey. And you want to experience those memorable journeys as soon as possible. 

So, no matter what change you want to make for your well-being, there’s no reason to wait for the New Year. Are you looking to save a few more dollars, lose a few more pounds or gain more sleep? 

Start today, and in 60 days, you will feel so much better and so proud of the decision you made at this very moment. 

Most of all, you’ll look at specific days and reflect on how the choices you made had an impact.

Remember, it’s the journey and the process, not the result, that you will remember most. 

The journey starts with you. You’re the author of your story; pick up your pen and get writing!

It’s been an honor to serve as your Workplace Wellness columnist again this year. Thank you for the privilege. Have a wonderful holiday season, and may 2024 bring you and your family good health. 

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