The Art and Science of Presentations

Well-known author and early thought leader Ralph Waldo Emerson mused, “Speech is power: Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.”

At PRSA’s ICON 2022 this past November, we shared some of the wisdom of TED Talks experts to highlight speaking with poise, professionalism and if you practice enough, panache. The kicker: You will, inevitably, in your PR career, find yourself teaching others how to do it. So first, the student must become the master.

None of us was born a PR professional, and public speaking is not an innate skill. It takes practice to learn poise and confidence. 

Whether you’re meeting new clients, running a meeting, interviewing for a job, acting as a spokesperson in a crisis, presenting new ideas to your board or testifying before the legislature, you can learn how to establish presence and professionalism to maximize your public speaking opportunities.

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