Why You’re an Influencer — Capital I

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Our profession has incredible highs — the prominent media placement, the new business win, the strategic plan, the Silver Anvil. 

At times, however, it can be mentally draining. From long days to sleepless nights, our brains are working overtime to help meet the objectives of our businesses and clients. 

One of the ways in which we help overcome this is a typical mindset shift: “It’s PR, not ER.” While this mindset shift can help at times, I want to share and remind ourselves that what we do and how we work has a profound impact on those beyond who we know.

We are Influencers. Big I. Not “influencers” we see on our social media channels. But real, authentic leaders who have a lasting, lifelong impact on those we work with every day.

Understanding influence

Are you a new account executive at a PR firm? Dozens, if not hundreds, of college students and brand-new pros look up to you. They’re checking out your LinkedIn profile, wanting to be you one day, nervous to message you and ask if you could mentor them as they start their journey.

That’s Influence. Capital I.

Are you a new chief communications officer for a Fortune 500 company? Are you experiencing a little imposter syndrome, perhaps (we all do!)? Just know you have a following who are in awe of your progression, would read any book you write, and do anything for a few minutes to learn about your journey because they want to be you in 5-15 years.

That’s Influence. Capital I.

Have you recently shared on LinkedIn about your new consultancy? It’s nerve-wracking, isn’t it? I remember those days! There are so many people you inspire with your story who want to be brave and bold enough to go out on their own. They might reach out to you in a few weeks or months. “How did you do it?” they’ll ask.

That’s Influence. Capital I.

Are you a PR professor, ever wondering what the lasting impact of your courses will have on your students? Know that what you’re saying will not only have a short-term impact, but a lifelong one as well. I know my PR professor changed the course of my personal and professional life.

That’s Influence. Capital I.

Making connections

This is what we don’t realize: We influence people. This is not to put pressure on ourselves but to set the context and boost our spirits that what we do matters to businesses and those who aspire to be us one day.

In a world of social media influencers touting tailored products and experiences, be a true Influencer. Capital I. 

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