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PRSA offers career guidance to help get you on the right path to your next job. PRSA career resources are available at every stage of your career, whether you are beginning your job hunt or preparing for the final interview.

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For recruiters and HR professionals, PRSA offers an easy and cost-effective way to find and recruit high-quality talent. Get your job in front of thousands of highly qualified PR, communications, and marketing professionals by posting open positions on the PRSA Jobcenter. Discounted rates are available for PRSA members as well as non-profit organizations, associations, colleges, and universities!

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Capabilities Assessment

Begin your journey toward greater professional performance today when you start your own personal capabilities assessment, and define your plan to achieve greatness.

The Global Capability Framework is a worldwide benchmark for what public relations and communications professionals are capable of when they perform at their best. The framework can be used by individuals or groups (communications teams) to set expectations, define development goals and create a plan for learning and improvement of skills and performance.

PRSA members have full access to this program through your membership in partnership with the Global Alliance.

Assess your abilities under three main areas of focus: communication capabilities, organizational capabilities and professional capabilities. Specify your development timeframe, measure changes in performance over time, and access resources and recommendations for expanding your knowledge and improving performance.

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