Creating Integrated Communications Campaigns


This comprehensive e-learning course provides five in-depth lesson modules to teach communicators how to use integration as a powerful tool in any communications practice.

  1. Integrated Marketing Communications Concept Review
  2. Audience Analysis and Personas
  3. Identifying and Influencing Audience Behavior
  4. Building Your Integrated Communications Campaign Toolkit
  5. ICC Project Management

After this course, you will understand the concepts of integration in the context of public relations and communications projects, and how to apply those concepts to drive stronger results in a faster, more efficient manner. The course introduces an approach to integrated marketing communications that is specifically built for today’s communications professional. For those with experience in integration this will take your practice further than ever before. If you’re new to integration, it provides a great introduction to integrated methods.

Designed to be taken at your own pace, this five-hour course covers a wide range of topics. After providing a review of integrated marketing concepts, it continues with ways to learn about your specific audiences, develop integrated strategies and tactics that work together to boost results, and effectively manage your work in a planned, synchronous fashion.

What You’ll Learn

MODULE 1: Integrated Marketing Communications Concept Review

  • Review of Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Core Strategy Statements
  • Cross-Channel Strategies
  • Linked Tactics
  • Iterative Measurement

MODULE 2: Audience Analysis and Personas

  • Understanding Specific Communications Audiences
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Creating Media, Consumer and Influencer Personas for Communications
  • Personas for Social Media
  • Content Acquisition Behavior
  • Sample Personas

MODULE 3: Identifying and Influencing Audience Behavior

  • Recent Changes in Communications Landscape
  • An Integrated Approach to Changing Audience Behavior
  • The Media’s Buying Cycle
  • The Influencer Customer Experience
  • Uncovering Behavior
  • Content Acquisition Behavior

MODULE 4: Building Your Integrated Communications Campaign Toolkit

  • Overview of Objectives, Strategies and Tactics for ICC
  • Evergreen Goals
  • Role of Strategies and Tactics
  • Common Characteristics of ICC Strategies
  • Linked Tactics for ICC
  • Common Linked Tactics for Communicators
  • How to Build Your Own ICC Toolkit

MODULE 5: ICC Project Management

  • Characteristics of Strong Project Management Plans
  • Measuring ICC Objectives
  • Aspects of Iterative Project Management
  • Measuring Linked Tactics
  • Measuring Media, Consumer and Influencer Behavior
  • Ensuring Alignment
  • Time Management
  • Elements of the Project Plan


Course Length

Course Duration: Approx. 5 hours

Note: Lesson modules are not available à la carte.

Accreditation Information

Participants with the APR credential earn 1.0 renewal CEU for completion of this course.




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