The Power of Storytelling in Leader Communication


Organizational structure, leadership, beliefs, values and the principles by which an organization operates impacts the way employees working within it behave. Each day, organizations serve their missions, often following a specific strategy to work toward successful execution. However, as Peter Drucker so wittingly states in his coined phrase, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” whenever culture and strategy are misaligned, the success of the organization is at risk.

Storytelling within organizations can be a powerful tool to support building the organizational culture. From the beginning of time, cultures have used storytelling to help audiences remember important aspects of a story, understand connections to real-world challenges, leave powerful, emotional impacts that resonate, build awareness, develop understanding and align people to common goals.

Join us for this webinar as we explore 5 specific ways to find and tap into real-world stories that resonate and stick with employee audiences while simultaneously building desired organizational cultures.


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Communication Strategy, Leadership & Management, On-Demand, On-Demand Webinar

Recording Date

December 10, 2020