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The Top 4 Questions Jobseekers Ask

By John Kesaris, M.S.

As the new Manager for the PRSA Jobcenter, it has been great to not only assist employers with posting jobs but to also learn from jobseekers about their concerns and help them guide their career to success. Below are the top four questions:

1. Does the PRSA Jobcenter get a lot of postings from employers?

The short answer is yes, the PRSA Jobcenter receives over 180 job postings per month from various types of companies including healthcare, government, nonprofit and many more. Employers looking for qualified candidates in the PR industry know that Jobcenter is the number one job board and they take full advantage of it.

2. What should I do to my resume before looking for a job in PR or communications?

Three words: update, edit and proofread. How do you do this? First, make your resume more goals oriented. What’s better? “Help draft press releases” or “Drafted press releases that engaged an audience of 15,000 to bring in $10,000 in revenue”. Second, remember there is a difference between “public relations” and “public realations”, so remember to edit. Lastly, look your resume over and over again, then upload and opt-in for a complimentary critique on the PRSA Jobcenter resume page.

3. Are there job searching best practices?

The PRSA Jobcenter has many different ways to ensure that you are not only able to search for a job with ease but you can also have the most recent jobs sent to you on a daily or weekly basis.

If you want to do a general search, you can visit our job search page and narrow it down by state and title. Create a job alert and get the jobs you are looking for sent directly to you when they get posted. Follow us on Twitter to see all the up-to-the-minute job postings. Finally, make sure you sign up as a jobseeker to get our Jobcenter “News and Views” e-newsletter every week for the latest jobs as well as relevant resources to help better your chances on getting those positions.

Aside from the actual search, always keep networking. Sometimes a connection can help you land a job.

4. What is the most important advice you can give a jobseeker?

I tell everyone who asks me this to just do one thing: Be confident! That’s all. If you took the time to prepare a good resume and cover letter, fully understand the job description and can explain point by point why you are the perfect person for the job, know the decision-makers hiring and researched who they are and where commonalities may exist in interests and backgrounds or schooling, researched the company culture and took time to practice answering questions for your interview; then you should feel confident. You’ve prepared and worked hard, now own it. The PRSA Jobcenter is here to help you find and get the job you want. Use it to your full advantage and feel free to call me at (212) 460-1406 or email me with any questions or concerns. I’ll be happy to help you.


John Kesaris, M.S., is the PRSA Coordinator of Corporate Development and Industry Partnerships. A mentor at heart, he has several years of experience working with college students and professionals guiding their careers. John commits himself to making sure that everyone who uses the PRSA Jobcenter (employer and jobseeker) has a positive and productive experience. On his time away from his work, he enjoys watching, playing and coaching sports. Go “Goodfellas”! LGR.

Follow me on Twitter @johnny_kes