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ICON 2023

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ICON 2023

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2023 Anvil Awards Ceremony

2023 Anvil Awards Ceremony

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Michelle Egan at 2023 Anvil Awards Ceremony

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My APR gives me the confidence to help me work from a strategic point of view. It reminds me only to make the best ethical choices for my company and its audiences. Because of my APR, I am equipped to practice communications in any industry.

Ivy Johnson, APR — Senior Account Executive, MP&F Strategic Communications

As a PR professional, I believe it is my duty, my purpose, to leave public relations in a better state than I found it. PRSA has allowed me to take on various leadership positions that have helped me become a better professional and lead by example through honest, transparent and ethical practice. Within PRSA, there are ample opportunities for those looking to advance the profession through leadership — it just takes a willing and dedicated person to heed the call.

Jared Meade, MPS, APR — Founder and Principal, Rayne Strategy Group

Today’s ever-changing communications landscape means that PR pros must evolve their skills to stay sharp and deliver agile solutions. PRSA provides the opportunity to network with professionals who can share their experiences and complimentary resources to help toward this goal. The Professional Interest Sections offer an industry-specific focus that allows members to maximize their membership.

Shawn Warmstein — Vice President, Partner, rbb Communications

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Jared Meade
Shawn Warmstien

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