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Call for Presentations

PRSA 2022 Counselors Academy Spring Conference
Changing With the Times:
Your Agency's Evolution

CAPRSA 2022 Annual Conference
May 15-17 | In Scenic Scottsdale, Arizona

Proposal Deadline: Friday, Jan. 7, 2022 11:59 p.m. EDT

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About PRSA Counselors Academy
Founded in 1960, PRSA Counselors Academy is dedicated to providing principals and senior leaders of small- and mid-size public relations firms in the United States and Canada with the business insights and tools they need to grow successful businesses. With nearly 300 members, Counselors Academy is passionately committed to maintaining an open and honest peer network that energizes and motivates, provides a sounding board for questions and ideas, and fosters mutually beneficial relationships. More information about Counselors Academy and its programs can be found at www.counselorsacademy.org.

About the 2022 Spring Conference
The annual Spring Conference is Counselors Academy’s largest event and attracts senior agency executives, decision-makers, advisors and partners. In addition to agency principals and other leaders, attendees include growth and leadership consultants, industry sponsors, and executives from related businesses and industries.

Year after year, our conference gets rave reviews due to the quality of the content and the willingness of attendees to share experiences, insights and best practices and we’re sure this year will be no exception.

Speaker Proposals
Priority will be given to proven presenters whose proposals are forward thinking and deliver fresh, business-focused content that is directly relevant to today’s agency leaders and principals. Presentations that are interactive and/or provide an output that participants can act on immediately are also strongly encouraged.



PLEASE NOTE: All submissions will be shared anonymously with the conference chair and co-chair, as well as the conference committee, to prevent any unintentional bias and to ensure selections are based on the quality of content and merit. Only PRSA will retain the names and company names of those submitting proposals during the first phase of submission reviews.  Following the first phase of the selection process, the committee will review speaker reels, testimonials and other identifying information to complete the selection process.

This year, our theme is “Changing With the Times: Your Agency’s Evolution.” We are, therefore, highly interested in content that helps agency leaders think about and prepare for what’s to come in our ever-changing industry – particularly as we continue to emerge from the challenges of the pandemic and step into a new world of emerging trends and innovations. The following subject areas represent the specific tracks that we will offer to our attendees. You will have more success in your submission if you pinpoint which track(s) your expertise can address.

Agency Culture
Recruiting and retention strategies, professional development, HR policies and practices, workplace environment, agency culture, leading effective teams, executive development and training.

Business Development & Marketing
Marketing and business development, driving organic growth, business planning, prospecting, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, developing new service lines and sources of income, identifying new niche markets, proposal/pitch development, marketing tools and technology and emerging trends.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Sourcing diverse talent and best practices, equity and inclusion in the workplace, D/E/I among agency leadership, how agencies should address diversity and inclusion issues with clients and as community builders, workplace environments.

Help us look in the mirror and identify how we can learn, grow and succeed while maintaining balance in life, health, and business. What activities, habits, and behaviors make for the most inspirational leaders? What does being a successful leader look like after a year of an everchanging environment?

Tools & Innovation
Pioneering strategies and resources that streamline processes, build collaboration and/or maximize client experiences.

Presentation Guidelines

Counselors Academy welcomes proposals from public relations firm principals and senior leaders, as well as experts in relevant disciplines including, but not limited to, accounting, law, consulting, human resources, benefits and compensation, insurance and risk management and agency technology.

This Call for Presentations includes requests for:
  • Expert breakout presentations (up to 60 minutes in length)
  • Expert panels (limited to up to three participants)
The most successful Counselors Academy presenters:
  • Deliver fresh, innovative thinking in a way that is interactive and engaging.
  • Understand that the audience of attendees at Counselors is made up of leaders of small- to mid-size public relations firms.
  • Provide clear takeaways that attendees can implement right away.
  • Are passionate about their subject matter and can inspire audiences to see their business challenges in new ways and take action.
A few “musts” from all accepted presenters:
  • Must supply a copy of their presentation at least one month prior to the conference for promotional purposes.
  • Must avoid sales pitches, however subtle they may be, for their own products or services.
  • Must be able to dynamically deliver a presentation in-person

PLEASE NOTE: Preference will be given to those who can demonstrate strong speaking and audience motivation skills by providing videos or reviews of past presentations to similar audiences.


Submission Process

Submit your innovative and compelling presentation proposal online here.

Note: PRSA and Counselors Academy do not reimburse presenters for out-of-pocket expenses such as hotel stays and airfare. PRSA and Counselors Academy do not provide speaker stipends. Presenters who are selected for expert breakout presentations will receive one complimentary registration, which does not include meals or networking events. Presenters will have the option to purchase a meal package.

Proposals are due no later than Friday, Jan. 7, 11:59 p.m. EDT. Earlier submissions are encouraged. Submit your proposal online here.

Submit questions to:
Amy Moore, Events Manager, PRSA
Email: amy.moore@prsa.org


Filomena Fanelli, 2022 Conference Chairman
Email: filomena@prwithimpact.com, Phone: (845) 309-3272