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Reputation Management Certificate Program

Corporate Reputation Management (RM) is a concept at the core of the communications profession — one that has matured into a management discipline over the past 20 years that extends beyond traditional domain of the function. As it has matured and expanded into the realm of business strategy and corporate governance, Communicators are seen as the go-to experts inside their organizations.

This on-demand, professional development offering is designed as a certificate-of-completion program to equip management-level communicators with solid perspective of best practices and resources to meet the changing expectations of senior management for Reputation Leadership.

After successfully completing the series, registrants will be awarded a certificate-of-completion.

This certificate program is designed for:

  • Manager and senior level PR and communication professionals.
  • Professionals who council their leadership.
  • Strategic thinkers in communication roles.
  • Professionals who are responsible for corporate culture.
  • Any professional responsible for managing a corporate brand.
  • Industry leaders responsible for implementing initiatives across an enterprise.
  • Professionals responsible for digital communications.

By the end of this certificate program participants will:

  • Master key skills, tools and proven processes necessary to become an internal “champion” for corporate reputation.
  • Highlight/share case studies from organizations who have succeeded along their reputation journeys.
  • Quantify, benchmark and ultimately connect the dots from reputation to business results.
  • Grasp new digital and social tools that present the greatest threat (and opportunity) for their organization’s reputation.
  • Draw on the insights of experts who have witnessed the evolution of disconnected CSR and what it takes to demonstrate a clear path in setting the vision for an organization.
  • Discover how to win support for your programs and initiatives from outside the function and across the organization.
  • Understand what key traits CEOs are looking for in their communications leaders and receive advice for your personal professional development and career advancement in the Reputation Economy.



 Full Course
(All 8 Modules)
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Learning Modules in this Course

Click on the titles below to read more about each module.

Module 1
The Reputation Champion’s Path

Responsibility for reputation management can be overwhelming. This module will explore the skills, tools, and proven processes necessary to be a successful reputation champion. Participants will learn how to identify the key elements of an organization’s reputation so that one can build programs, establish benchmarks and elevate and enhance a corporate reputation.

Note: Since Module 1: “The Reputation Champion’s Path” provides an overview for the remaining course modules, it is not available for individual sale.

Module 2
Reputation and the CEO

Aside from communications, only the CEO role is structured to care more about corporate reputation. Participants will gain perspectives about the increasing pressures facing today’s businesses and its leadership. This module will provide practical tips for framing issues about the company, winning CEO support and partnering with senior leadership to strengthen your organization’s Reputation.

Module 3
KPIs and Collaboration: The Reputation Journey

Fitting reputation into an organizational structure can be difficult. In this module, participants will hear from an executive who has managed the evolution while also tying together the concepts of corporate reputation, corporate brand and corporate responsibility.

Module 4
Digital Reputation

Google “Reputation Management” and you’ll quickly learn that SEO companies have hijacked the term for “ORM”, rather than the strategic management discipline. At the same time, new digital and social tools present the greatest threat (and opportunity) for your organization’s Reputation. In this module, participants will explore how to connect the dots from an exec who has led the way.

Module 5
Measurement Discipline: Solve the Reputation Value Equation

One of the best ways to help your organization understand reputation is through quantification. This module will explore how to be pragmatic, targeted and actionable when you bring measurement to your organization.

Module 6
CSR and Reputation: Establishing a Vision

Too often, corporate reputation and corporate responsibility are disconnected. In this module, participants will hear from an executive who has seen the evolution and can demonstrate the links among corporate reputation, corporate social responsibility and Stakeholder engagement. Additionally, this module will further explain to participants a path forward of how to set the vision for their organization.

Module 7
Reputation and the Communicator’s Career

Since 1989, the leadership team at Heyman Associates has built a reputation as trusted advisors to CEOs by focusing on one thing and doing it well. From the start, they have immersed themselves in one profession: communications and public affairs. This module will discuss the importance of focusing on building an evolved skill set as you plan the next steps of your career as a reputation champion.

Module 8
Corporate Diplomacy and Executive Leadership

Managing across divisions and geographies can be challenging. This module offers tips and techniques for winning support of your programs across all management levels. Participants will learn how to align business objectives, build stakeholder relationships, address operational issues and enhance their organizations’ reputation.

Course Length

Course Duration: Approximately 7–8 hours
Module Duration: Approximately 45–60 minutes



Participants with the APR credential earn 0.5 renewal CEUs for each completed module of this course, for a total of 4.0 CEUs. Learn more about Accreditation.

Purchase Options

Note: Module 1 is not available for individual sale, as it provides an overview for the remaining course modules.