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Reputation Risk Management Certificate Program

In the wake of unprecedented, high-profile and devastating corporate crises, Reputation Risk has emerged as the No.1 most important strategic risk for every organization. CEOs and Boards need someone to tackle these risks for them — with more than just a crisis management plan. Communicators have an opportunity to meet this need for leadership by implementing a low-tech, high-touch, cross-functional process that gives senior management confidence that Reputation Risk is well-managed.

This on-demand, professional development offering is designed as a certificate-of-completion program to equip management-level communicators with advanced perspective, best practices and a practical, implementation-ready approach to managing Reputation Risk.

This certificate program is designed for:

  • Manager and senior-level PR and communication professionals.
  • Professionals who counsel their CEO/leadership.
  • Risk management professionals.
  • Professionals who are responsible for corporate reputation and/or sustainability.
  • Executives responsible for managing a corporate brand/culture.
  • Leaders responsible for managing cross-stakeholder initiatives across an enterprise.
  • Managers with five or more years of experience.

By the end of this certificate program participants will:

  • Gain perspective on key skills, tools and proven processes necessary to become an internal “champion” for Reputation Risk.
  • Leverage their organization’s interest in Reputation Risk to drive proactive stakeholder engagement and campaigns.
  • Understand how to help their organizations take a stand in a world where doing so has consequences.
  • Move from CSR/Sustainability reporting to integrating those efforts to drive Reputation.
  • Apply lessons from organizations who have successfully moved beyond crisis management.
  • Master the digital tools and best practices to enterprise-wide coordination of Reputation Risk.
  • Learn new ways to instill better, risk-conscious decision-making through a focus on internal culture.



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(All 6 Modules)
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Learning Modules in this Course

Click on the titles below to read more about each module.

Module 1
Introduction and Case Studies: Reputation Risk: A Low-Tech, High-Touch, Cross-Functional Approach

CEOs and boards cite reputation risk as their highest priority; and they don’t feel their organization is prepared to handle it. More importantly, headlines have taught them that they need more than just a crisis plan. In fact, they may be realizing that proactive reputation management is needed. What can a communicator do specifically to address this gap and find new ways to mitigate reputation risk?

Module 2
Differentiating and Marketing in a Volatile Reputation Risk Environment

Stakeholders expect companies to do more than obey the rules — they want your organization to be a force for positive change. Learn about who’s doing it well, with a focus on companies who have put real dollars into positive, aggressive reputation management recently. How can you convince leadership to stay proactive in a world where sticking your neck out is scarier than ever?

Module 3
CSR and Sustainability as a Path to Reputation Risk Mitigation

When everyday business decisions seem to generate more and more reputation risk scenarios, where can leaders turn for positive stories? Learn how leading organizations are turning CSR and sustainability into pillars of reputation risk mitigation. CSR and sustainability are moving from the sidelines into core business strategy — what does this mean for communications strategy? How do you go from sustainability reporting to a more integrated approach to telling your organization’s story?

Module 4
Integrating Reputation Risk and Crisis Management Planning/Preparation/Execution

Some argue that reputation risk management and crisis management are the same thing. They are not, and the differences are important. Learn how crisis management must be a critical component of reputation risk management and how integrated planning can enable organizations to shift from a purely reactive to a fully proactive stance. Find out how to use your crisis plan to create the business case for actions that directly impact reputation risk.

Module 5
Enhancing Enterprise-wide Communication and Reputation Risk Coordination Capabilities

How many times have we heard about the instant response required of organizations in crisis? How many organizations still put their crisis plans in a binder at headquarters? Maybe it’s time to fight fire with fire — learn how continuous reputation risk management and sophisticated crisis communications can enable even the most decentralized organizations to manage a crisis in real time. Learn from a communications leader who has implemented a solution that pulls together a very decentralized trade association into a highly efficient and effective crisis team.

Module 6
Shaping Internal Culture as Highest-Level Reputation Risk Mitigation

The worst (and hence most memorable) reputation risk events of the past few years are all easily traced back to some very bad decision making by individuals. What if every one of those people had a full understanding of the potential consequences of their actions? Maybe they’d have done things differently. Learn new ways you might be able to instill that in your organization — from an organization who does it through their focus on internal culture. Discover specific actions you can take as a communicator to encourage better decision making in your organization.

“Assume the worst will happen and prepare = good crisis management. Address root causes and change the game = good Reputation Risk Management.”
Bill Wohl, chief communications officer, Commvault

Course Length

Course Duration: Approximately 5–6 hours
Module Duration: Approximately 45–60 minutes



Participants with the APR credential earn 0.5 renewal CEUs for each completed module of this course, for a total of 3.0 CEUs. Learn more about Accreditation.

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