Vibrantly Authentic Leadership Beyond Messy Relationships

This psycho-educational multi-media presentation includes lecture, guided meditation, role-play and short video clips. Participants gain skills from Judy's formula for wisdom and insight. By calming the nervous system through deep breaths of A.I.R. you become attuned to the acronym. Awareness, Intentionality, and Risks of growth. 

Judy shows us what vibrant authenticity looks like beyond her own messy relationships. As a psychotherapist to high-level executives, she normalizes the struggle of our human journey.

The catalyst for writing her book, "Beyond Messy Relationships" was her former husband's second season of psychosis. Judy brings hope to participants along with practical applications. Presented in a high-energy and light-hearted way, some have said, this is even better than therapy! Although we'll include a disclaimer that it's not a substitute for professional counseling.

1. Describe and give practical examples for the acronym AIR. 
2. Name the eight dances (relationship patterns) and identify your "natural" steps. 
3. Name the five "normal" horsemen that keep us stuck in relationship messes and why peer support is essential. 

Judy K. Herman, MA, MS, LPC-MHSP (Licensed Professional Counselor-Mental Health Service Provider) Psychotherapist, Relationship Authenticity Coach, Advocate for Human Resilience & Growth. 

Judy K. Herman is an innovative psychotherapist/coach and author/speaker. She equips entrepreneurial couples in transition to create connection beyond conflict. 

She facilitates mastermind groups and retreat experiences for business leaders. Judy interviews marriage experts and vibrantly authentic couples on her weekly podcast, "Better Relationships, Better Life."  

Her book, "Beyond Messy Relationships" was top ten finalist for Author Academy Awards in 2019. 

She sometimes strums her guitar by the campfire. But she regularly enjoys hiking,  traveling, and living in the present moment with friends and family.


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