Employee Communicators ‘at Crossroads’ over AI

October 2023
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Employee communicators see potential in artificial intelligence but are hesitant to embrace the technology, new research finds. 

According to a national survey by North Star Communications Consulting and Jon Stemmle, a professor of strategic communication at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, factors keeping employee communicators from adopting AI in their work include skepticism about its accuracy, security and affordability. Communicators also fear losing their jobs to the technology. 

Despite having reservations over AI, the employee communicators surveyed believe that the technology can deliver value by saving time on mundane tasks and by generating ideas and content. 

“We’re clearly at a nascent stage for employee communicators fully using AI,” said Mark Dollins, president of North Star Communications in New York. As a profession, communications is “beginning to experiment with capabilities at the tip of the iceberg” for AI. 

Survey respondents report seeing people applying AI in business processes and employee communications. A majority believe that using AI for work assignments is ethical, the study found. 

Most say they expect to be using artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT for employee communications within the next year. However, many disagreed that AI is the future of employee communications. When asked about their feelings toward using artificial intelligence in their work, respondents often expressed interest, excitement and anxiety.

Stemmle said communicators stand at a crossroads. “Either wait to be told how to use AI technologies or influence how they’re used proactively.”

AI Resources for PRSA Members

PRSA recently added a section to the website allowing members to access hours of on-demand programming as well as articles, blogs and video interviews specifically focused on AI. A companion page on MyPRSA also offers members an opportunity to engage in discussion and share best practices related to AI. 

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