A Sorry State: Keys to an Authentic Apology in a Crisis

May 2023
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Crisis communication has its own unique set of challenges. Stakes are high, emotions are running strong and what (and how) you communicate can heavily influence the effectiveness of your organization’s overall response. 

An apology may be required as part of your crisis communication, and if that’s the case, then ensuring that it is done in an authentic, meaningful way can be the difference between successfully navigating the situation and creating additional issues.

Leaders should be prepared to respond, communicate and connect using strong emotional intelligence during a crisis, and be sure to make connections with internal and/or external audiences depending on the situation. 

In some cases, that means conveying an apology. In fact, a body of research highlighted in Scientific Reports shows that apologies promote forgiveness by showcasing the important value that you place on a relationship. 

Sometimes in the heat of a crisis, the first instinct can be to apologize. But how do you decide when an apology is truly needed?  

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