PRSA Member Exclusive: Aaron Kwittken on the Transformative Power of AI for Communicators

March 2023
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Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of New York-based PRophet, the first AI-driven platform designed by and for PR professionals, was the guest on the March 22 episode of Strategies & Tactics Live, PRSA’s monthly livestream series on LinkedIn. His article, “The Promise and Perils of ChatGPT,” appears in the March issue of Strategies & Tactics.

John Elsasser, editor-in-chief of Strategies & Tactics and host of S&T Live, asked Kwittken how communications professionals can reconcile the hype and the backlash surrounding ChatGPT and its newest iteration, GPT-4, as well as Google's Bard, amid a bombardment of media coverage about the technology.

After the session, which you can view here, he joined Elsasser for a further conversation exclusively for PRSA members.

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