PRSA Member Exclusive: Linda Rutherford of Southwest Airlines on the Major Issues Facing Communicators Today

May 2023
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“Whenever we get into any crisis moment, the guiding principles for us are compassion and action,” said Linda Rutherford, chief administration and communications officer for Southwest Airlines. “Who are the involved audiences, what’s going on with them and how can we show movement?”

Rutherford was the guest speaker for the May 24 episode of Strategies & Tactics Live, PRSA’s monthly livestream series on LinkedIn.

After the session, which you can view here, she joined Editor-in-Chief John Elsasser and host of S&T Live for a further conversation exclusively for PRSA members.

Here, Rutherford talks about top-of-mind issues for CCOs, important skillsets for today's communicators and her best leadership advice.

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