Thoughts on Making the Most of 2024

January 2024
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AI, elections, social justice, economic challenges, conflicts across continents — and that was just the last three months of 2023. 

As communicators look to wrap their arms around all the moving pieces in their worlds, the PRSA Counselor’s Academy asked its membership how communicators can make the most of 2024.

Here’s what a few members had to say:

Prioritize authentic engagement. 

“In 2024, we’ll see public affairs communications continue to rise in importance across the PR profession. The 2024 election will dominate headlines and clients will be looking to trusted communications counselors to understand how to navigate an increasingly divided landscape. The key for PR professionals will be to continue to insist on honest, authentic engagement around those issues that mean the most to clients and their key audiences and stakeholders.”

Ben Finzel

Acknowledge age milestone.

“In 2021, my brother and I did the heavy lifting — literally and figuratively — moving our mother into a memory care facility. It was a massive undertaking, managing the purge and sale of her house, then getting her settled into her new home — to say nothing of the paperwork. Her facility suffers what many in healthcare do these days, across-the-board recruiting and retention challenges issues only exacerbated by COVID. 

In 2024, the United States will hit a new and unique milestone. The country’s older population, age 65 years plus, will outnumber children under the age of 15 for the first time. In fact, people 65 and older will represent 22% of the population by 2040. It’s a statistic that’s more than interesting. Boomers will push the need for eldercare to about 1.9 million by 2030.

As strategic advisers, we need to be aware of this imminent trend for ourselves, our team members and our clients. The potential financial implications for us personally and as a country will be astronomical.”   

Jenna Cooper, APR
President and Founder
C3 Collective 

Identify humanity.

“Human storytelling should drive strategic communication, not technology. 

Zoom, virtual events and COVID frayed that connection. AI has allowed many to be lazy with their communication planning. PR professionals have a distinctive opportunity in 2024 to create digital connections through human storytelling. We can empower teams in all departments to find stories and build diverse content to reach all our constituents. People on the front lines are far more influential in creating impactful engagement; our goal should empower those stakeholders to share their stories with our guidance. AI can then help disseminate this information to reach diverse audiences in diverse places. 

There’s a reason the three-act storytelling model has worked for centuries. It will still work in 2024 when we apply it correctly, lead with humanity and allow AI to share that content with the people we want to reach.” 

Dan Farkas
Chief Advocate Officer
Pass PR 

Create workplace connection.

“Employee engagement will continue to be a priority in 2024. Employers have strong opportunities to meaningfully connect with their teams and will leverage new digital platforms, enhanced intranet sites and creative paths to better connect with desk-less workers. A renewed focus on driving purpose in the workplace and connecting with employees through shared values will increase the effectiveness and quality of internal communications.”

Hinda Mitchell
Inspire PR Group

Embrace ambiguity.

“In a world of ‘always on,’ we often encounter a lot of options to consider for our clients or companies. And these options can be the beginning or part of a larger idea. If we learn to embrace ambiguity, then we’ll find that the best ideas are not always fully developed. Sometimes it’s a vague concept that blossoms into a full-fledged idea.”

John Walker
Managing Partner

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