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PRSA is the preeminent learning organization for PR and communication professionals and offers a wide variety of events, programs and webinars throughout the year.



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  •  Case in Point
    Case in Point: Catching the AI Wave in Communications: Swim, Surf or Drown?


    In this Case In Point, we will be looking at the use of AI for the analysis of human communications — how can communicators best use the technology in their job, and what are the pitfalls to avoid?
    Categories: Communication Strategy, Emerging Trends, Techniques & Tactics
  •  Case in Point
    Case in Point: How BMW, Transamerica and Charter Optimize PR Outcomes With Behavioral Science


    This eye-opening Case in Point will show how brands like BMW, Transamerica and Charter apply this science to exponentially increase PR and communication outcomes. Whether in your first year of PR or a seasoned practitioner, this Case in Point will leave you with an entirely new framework through which to consider how you communicate.
    Categories: Communication Strategy, Emerging Trends
  •  Case in Point
    Case in Point: Navigating Through a Disinformation Crisis


    Participants of this Case in Point will learn how to set organizations up for success before they are faced with misinformation as well as help them navigate through a disinformation crisis.
    Categories: Communication Strategy, Crisis & Reputation, Leadership & Management, Social Media
  •  Case in Point
    Case in Point: Redefining How Communicators Work With Journalists in the New Media Landscape


    Join a New York Times reporter, top communications executive and leading national PR agency for the release of a new survey about what journalists want in today’s new landscape.
    Categories: Branding, Communication Strategy, Emerging Trends, Media Relations, Social Media