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Become a PRSA Board Member

A Call to Leadership

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Applying for and serving on the PRSA Board of Directors was, and continues to be, one of the best decisions I have made in terms of expanding and enriching my personal and professional growth. The guidance given and decisions made by Board members touch every aspect of the organization, and can truly make a difference not only for PRSA but the wider communications community.

Board members’ responsibilities include serving as the public face of the organization; providing strategic and fiscal oversight; monitoring trends, developments and priorities taking place within the profession that may have an impact on PRSA; and collaborating with colleagues on the local, regional and national levels; among many other activities.

Below you will find more specific information on the application process, including open positions and qualifications. The application deadline is April 30th.

Thank you for considering serving as a member of the Board of Directors.


Thank you,

Felicia Blow, Ph.D., APR
2024 Nominating Committee Chair


Application for Officer and Director Positions


Leadership Recruitment Timeline

Key Dates

  • March 18, Call for Nominations - Application Opens
  • April 3, Zoom Meeting for Interested Director Applicants  - Click here to register
  • April 5, Zoom Meeting for Interested Officer Applicants - Click here to register
  • April 30, Application Closes
  • May 6, Applications Posted to Website / Comment Period Opens
  • May 21, Comment Period Deadline
  • June 21-22, Officer Interviews and Deliberations
  • June 28-30, Director Interviews and Deliberations
  • September 14, Nominations by Petition Deadline
  • October 14, PRSA Leadership Assembly 
How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online by Tuesday, April 30in the time zone in which the candidate resides.

Apply Here   

Eligibility and Available 2025 Officer and Director Positions

Serving on the Board provides a critical opportunity for members to take on leadership roles in PRSA and our profession. These include shaping the policies and strategies of the organization, and directly engaging with professionals and students across the country, among other important benefits.

2025 Eligibility and Available PRSA 2025 Board Positions

Roles and Responsibilities of the PRSA Board of Directors, Officers and Liaison

General Responsibilities of Board of Directors, PRSA Officers, and Board Liaison can be found below.