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National Leadership Recruitment

National Leadership Recruitment Now Open

Mosaic Headshots Panel representing the 2020  National Leadership nominees

A Call to Leadership

PRSA simply cannot be successful without the leadership of dedicated volunteers from across the organization. The highest level of volunteer leadership is the Board of Directors, and we have officially started the critically important outreach to members nationwide asking them to consider applying for officer or director positions. Applications from qualified members are due by Tuesday, May 5.

PRSA staff, the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee have structured a process enabling members to evaluate the opportunities that exist for Board service, to assess their own prospects for leading PRSA at the policy/strategy/governance level, and to decide whether this is their year to apply for the Board. Board service is a substantial commitment, a substantially rewarding one, and should be carefully considered.

PRSA.org, MyPRSA, PRsay, Strategies & Tactics, member emails and webinars, and other PRSA channels will provide detailed information on Board requirements and responsibilities, and the nominations and election process. Interviews of officer candidates will be held at PRSA’s offices in New York City on June 6-7, and interviews of director candidates will be conducted via video on June 20-21. Election of the Board will occur at the PRSA Leadership Assembly in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, Oct. 24.

We’re counting on qualified candidates who can make a meaningful difference for PRSA and the profession. Might you be one?

Anthony D’Angelo, APR, Fellow PRSA 
2020 Nominating Committee Chair

Application for Officer and Director Positions

National Leadership Recruitment Timeline

Key Dates

- March 2, National Call for Nominations
- March 6, Deadline for Current Board Members to Announce if they’re running for EC 
- March 18, Conference Call for Potential Officer Applicants
- March 19, Conference Call for Potential Director Applicants
- May 5, Application Deadline 
- May 11, Applications Posted to Website
- June 6-7, In-Person Officer Interviews, Deliberations
- June 20-21, In-Person Nominating Committee Meeting, Director Interviews (via Zoom), Deliberations
- June 23, Official Announcement of Nominations
How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online by May 5th. Official announcements of nominations will not be made until June 23.

Apply Now


Eligibility and Available 2021 Officer and Director Positions

Serving on the Board provides a critical opportunity for members to take on leadership roles in PRSA and our profession. These include shaping the policies and strategies of the organization, and directly engaging with professionals and students across the country, among other important benefits.

Eligibility and Available PRSA 2021 Board Positions 

Roles and Responsibilities of the PRSA Board of Directors, Officers and Liaison

General Responsibilities of Board of Directors, PRSA Officers, and Board Liaison can be found below.

-Roles and Responsibilities of the PRSA Officers

-Roles and Responsibilities for PRSA Board of Directors

-Duties and Responsibilities Board of Directors Liaison



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